Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10- Dada says that E is getting tired of being with him every day, but I don’t believe him. She calls for him before she falls asleep and when she wakes up from naps. Every morning the read Dada’s kindle together and watch Elmo. E was very caring for her babies today, and spent a little while looking at her own baby pictures on the computer. I’m not sure she knows that baby is her, but she loves to look. We played with A again this evening, taking time to watch the big kids play football. Tonight’s game was to throw the bubble container into the prairie and laugh.


August 9- We tried to let E cry it out during the night (from midnight to 2am) and it was a disaster. She screamed for two hours before we broke down and let her nurse. After some milk, she went to sleep like nothing had happened. That made for a tired dada and a tired E all day. In the morning the effects of the night were evident and she wanted to snuggle and be held. But, later on she warmed up and they got to go about their normal day.

E is showing her new favorite part of bath time above, washing her belly with soap bubbles.

She and I took a very long walk with A in the evening, we went looking for woo woos, we found a few, but didn’t want to get too close. We walked all the way down the block, and back again along the prairie. Then A and her mom came in to play for a little while too, both girls played at going nite nite which was adorable, and played with E’s bike.


August 8 – Dada is very generous sharing his toys with E, she spent a good deal of time tonight driving Optimus Prime and saying vroom vroom. The weather was beautiful today so Dada and E went to play at a park. After I got home from work, we took our normal walk, we now include a stop at the circle garden where E demands to go barefoot, and practices trying to put her shoes on, she’s not quite successful yet, but soon it seems like she’ll get it.

We saw four dogs, and one of the owners offered to let E give her dog a treat. E held the treat very nicely and got close to the dog, but the dog licking her fingers was a little too much and she got scared.

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