Monday, August 22, 2011

Family weekend

We had a busy weekend, Ted, Nate, and Annie were all in town to visit. E loved seeing her uncles, and can say both Teddy and Natie. She can also say Annie (yesterday she say a picture of Abby Cadaby and called her Annie). So, most of our weekend was spent with family.

August 21- This morning, E decided that I should go nite nite, she gave me a small cloth to put my head on. One I was nite nite, she would climb onto my side and bounce up and down like she was riding a horse. As the morning went on, she started putting her blankie down as a saddle. After a morning around the house and a trip to the park, we went to Ama and Ada's house for some swimming, cherry tomato picking (she eats them now) and some play time.

August 20- E is preparing to "dive" into the pool. This is the stance she takes prior to diving, jumping, or hopping. Its nice, because we can always tell what's coming. E loves pouring water out of the pool and is getting good at watering Ama's flowers. She went for a very long walk with Ada at dinner time, all the way around the block, and got to eat pizza, one of her favorites, for dinner.

We bought E her very own big girl potty today. We were at Target and she walked right over to it, took it off the shelf, and sat down (with her clothes on, of course), so we figured it was a sign. No potty success yet, but she's still pretty young, so we'll just have to see how it goes.

August 19- Zonked out, E got to see Ted, Nate, and Annie for the first time tonight, and she had a great time playing with them, she showed them her swimming, and some of her favorite toys. All that playing wore her out, she was asleep shortly after we got home.

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