Monday, August 8, 2011

August 7- Today we picked blueberries at Grandma and Grandpa's house and then tomatoes at Ama and Ada's house. E absolutely loved the blueberries, dada would pick them, and E would take them out of the container and put them in her mouth. It was funny though, we we got home, she refused to eat any of them. I guess they taste better fresh off the bush. E was intrigued by the cherry tomatoes, and took bites of several of them, but didn't end up liking them, so she's spit them out. She's learned to spit things out into my hand, which is both good and bad in my opinion.

After our harvest, E and I played with her friend L. We went to his house and played in his pool and with the sand table. I think it was one of E's first times with a sand table and she loved scooping the sand and water into each other. L also had a little slide which she loved, she could go down it without holding hands, a big change, and a cozy coupe. She loved turning the steering wheel and beeping the horn.

E was a little bit of a dada's girl today, she called for him after her nap and she wouldn't go to bed without a hug and night night from dada.

August 6- E has been all about babies lately, she points them out when you seem one on the street, she identifies them in books and magazines, and wants to play with her babies. Now, she has her snack sitting in a chair with one of her babies. Her favorite baby is her Hawaii doll, but Cinderella will do in a pinch.

We took E to a few garage sales today and she came away with a big prize, a stuffed Elmo toy, she loves having her own Elmo to carry around. We've had to come up with a code name for Elmo, since she's always looking for a chance to read the Elmo book or watch some Sesame Street.

We also went swimming to beat the heat, and E's favorite part was standing on the edge and throwing balls to her dada and I, she had two footballs and a boat, and she'd throw each one into the water. She swam a little bit, but mostly wanted to be on the edge.

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