Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14- An early morning in Black River Falls with cousin A. E was a little confused all weekend over who exactly Titi was. She called both her cousin A and her Titi Willy Titi. Here the two girls are together having a little snack and watching Sponge Bob. Her cousin explained several times what her name was, but E kept up calling her Titi. We left Black River Falls earlier then planned because E fell asleep in the car. Immediatly after she woke up, E was calling for her Titi again. Hopefully next time, she'll stay up a little longer so she can say bye-bye. Another note about the above, E is eating Froot Loops, she only gets them when we stay at hotels (or when she's at daycare) and she loves them. When I took her down to breakfast, she spotted them and yelled "Os" across the room.

We we got home E and dada went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for some play time. They blew bubbles, played in the sink, and ate blueberries. E had a great time playing with her farm, and shared her water with the animals and the scarecrow.
August 13- We got to go swimming at out hotel, E was a brave little girl, she kept jumping off the side of the pool to me. It was the first time I've ever seen her do this. She was so excited to get in the water that it was hart to wait for the 1-2-3 jump. After swimming she got to get in the tub with cousin A, which was lots of fun. The girls loved playing together in the hotel room and even shared their snacks and cookies. Cousin A was also so sweet when E was trying to fall asleep, at one point when E was crying, A starting asking her very sweetly what was wrong, and then came and got me because E needed her mommy.

August 12- E hasn't played much in the kitchen with me lately until today when she climbed into the cabinet. She was trying to get the door shut, but couldn't quite manage it. Today was a double grandparent day, both were back in town after some time away. She loved it. She got to play outside with both and blow bubbles. Later, she got to go the ba with her Ada.

August 11- Under the blanket is Elmo. One of E's favorite ways to play with Elmo is to put him nite nite. Elmo has his own blanket. Hawaii dolly is right next to Elmo, sometimes they go nite nite together. E's love of Elmo has continued to grow, she loves to watch Elmo's World on Sesame Street, but fortunately is little enough to believe us when we tell her that the TV Elmo is napping.

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