Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Long Road Trip

We took a road trip this weekend, with our final destination of Ashland, WI. The drive is between 5 and 6 hours, but with E, we can’t travel very well. We drive while she naps or goes down for the night, which makes for slow going trips. We were traveling for a wedding, but E’s favorite parts of the weekend were swimming, and her Elmo diapers. She asked for Elmo constantly, and at one point (in the church, just before the wedding) unpacked her diaper bag to show people Elmo. We just considered ourselves lucky she didn’t pull up her dress to show off!

E also mastered a new word this weekend, “down.” She had been using “up” to mean both up and down, and it was pretty funny for her dad and I, but it made her quite frustrated. She usually uses both up and down now when she wants to get down, but she’s figuring it out.

August 1-
We got to go swimming this morning, and there was another baby in the pool, which E loved. She splashed and played for a little while, but the long weekend caught up with her, and she didn’t swim too long. She did however, want to play in the hotel bath tub.  We made it home, and resumed most of our traditional home activities, she went for walks outside, played with her kitchen, and helped unload the dishwasher.

 July 31- Here is E getting her foot dipped in Lake Superior!

We finally got to play in the waterpark at the hotel today, it was great at first, but then the turned on the water features. E was terrified and was all done at that point. We felt really badly for her, she had been asking to go swimming the entire time at the hotel, and to only get to enjoy it for a few minutes was really too bad.  After a little swimming, we made the drive to the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, E loved the displays, but the viewing tower was lost on her. We headed up to Bayfield, where I tried unsuccessfully go get E to play on the beach, after a little shopping, we started the LONG drive home. We made it all the way to Mercer, WI  with E awake, and she got to eat at a small town bar. After lunch, she napped all the way to Wausau.

July 30-
We left Wausau at nap time, after some time in the pool, and drove the rest of the way to Ashland, even the downpour didn’t wake up E. We headed to the wedding, E was a good girl for the whole thing. She and I spent some time walking around, just so she didn’t disrupt others. She enjoyed walking the church grounds, and even watched a little of the ceremony. The reception was outdoors which E loved, there was a rock path, and she probably picked up and threw almost all the rocks. Everyone remarked how cute she was, so I guess they didn’t mind dodging rocks.

July 29-
The first stop of our trip was Steven’s Point, for the children’s museum. E had a great time playing with the exhibits. Above, she is playing in a house her dada built.  The grocery store was a hit, so was the house with a kitchen set up. There was a whole section with things to climb, but she really wasn’t interested. E got to paint, which she really enjoyed, but her favorite part was actually a quiet area where there were smaller toys and soft music. Interestingly she loved the international plastic figures and the big plastic tree for climbing.

We made it to Wausau that night, and E got to go swimming, and ate at Texas Roadhouse, we learned that she doesn’t like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, just the Trader Joe’s variety. E never sleeps in hotels, so she was up until 10:30, and even then, we had to take her on a car ride to go down. Even still, she woke up 4 or 5 times in the night.

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