Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday weekend

July 4- Today E marched (or rolled) in her second 4th of July parade, it was so much fun watching her watch the other kids this year, last year, she was just a little baby, and had no idea was was going on.  I'm sure that next year, she'll be one of the kids on the decorated bike! After the parade, she got to play on a playground, and  walk around a park, she had a great time.  Her favorite part of the park was playing with the tire pieces which protect kids from the ground. 

After the parade, an exhausted E fell asleep in the car, and after a relatively short nap got to go swimming with both mom and dad, and got to play in the neighbor's sprinkler. To top that off, she had dinner with Ama and Dad-ee.  Some how, Grandpa's name got changed from Ada, to Dad-ee.  We'll see how long that lasts.

July 3- We went to one of dada's second cousin's cabin, E didn't get to ride on one of these ATVs, but she loved sitting on it, and playing with the buttons, it kept her occupied for quite some time.  E spent pretty much the whole day outside, playing on the ATVs, in the grass, and going on walks.  We had a great time spending the day with Dada's family, some of which hadn't seen E since she was small.

We learned that E is still afraid of dogs, she wouldn't go near the two big huskies, and even when being carried near the dogs, wanted to be up as high as possible.  We did learn that E likes beef tenderloin, she ate quite a bit of dada's dinner.

July 2- We went over to Great Grandma's for our traditional 4th of July dinner this evening.  Great Grandma's house is near a big fireworks display, so E spent quite a bit of time people watching, here she is getting ready to blow some bubbles, while sitting on the edge of the sidewalk, so that she doesn't miss anyone. 

Aside from the dinner, E also went to the farmer's market, where she picked the garlic herb cheese curds, which are her favorite and got to go swimming, she is turning into quite a little fish!

E also got really good at saying "animal" she has an animal magnet that her dad got her at the zoo, and she is now able to go to the fridge and ask for it.
July 1- was the hottest day of the summer, the picture on the right captures it a little, the camera fogged up when I took it outside.  To beat the heat, E and I decided to play with some water in the front yard, E dumped it out right away, and I made a mistake, I showed her that we had a hose in the front yard.  From that point on, she had to have the hose (with the water running) and used it to fill her bucket, and just to pour on herself.  She then went for a walk and tried to use our neighbor's hoses too!

E and her dad also visited me at work today, which I loved, E showed off her animal sounds (cow, dog, cat, and sheep) for my co-workers, and showed off how good she is at saying hi and bye.

June 30- E absolutely loves to brush her teeth.  Unfortunately, we accidentally taught her to say che-che-che (from the Rafi song, brush your teeth) instead of a word for brushing, so now, she walks up to us and says "che-che" instead of  something else.

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