Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14- Captain America is E's favorite superhero.  Apparently, she plays with one at Target every time she and her dad go, and today, when we all were in the basement, she got to play with one of her Dad's Captain Americas.  She also pulled dada's Star Wars DVDs off the rack, so I can tell that dada thinks he's turning her into a mini Star Wars/comic book fan.  E also spent a lot of time playing with her play kitchen, every time she turns on the "faucet" she made a little shhhhh noise like water was coming out.  She loved putting the fake food on plates and carrying around the pan, but we could tell she was frustrated that no water came out of the faucet.

July 13- We had dinner with Grandpa and Teddy since Teddy is moving on the 14, E went to the ba (playground) with Teddy, and had mostly a good time.  She also got to blow bubbles with Grandpa and listen to her favorite CD.  Before dinner Teddy took her to play disc golf in the back yard, E is a good disc retriever, Teddy tossed them and E ran, picked them up, and put them in the basket.

July 12- E is helping dada sign his teaching contract for next year!  We've been waiting to get in the mail all summer!  Because everyone was up early (5 am), I got a ride to work, and they handed in the teaching contract in person, right when the office opened.  E also got to visit her uncle Teddy.  After work, E and I did our usual circuit. We sit on the stone edge to the garden and blow a few bubbles, then we run over past the neighbor's house to the pool and swings.  E tries to open the door to the pool for a while, then she swings for a few minutes.  After that its back to the pool door.  Then, we go look at Jim's flowers and say hi to his garden decorations (two bunnies, a Dutch boy and girl, a duck, and two solar lights). After that we run over to the ramp leading into the community room, E runs up and down the ramp, and then sits in the middle.  After all that, momma usually carries E home to wash up!

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