Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

The temperature here has been incredible here this week and staying cool has been top priority. Its been funny to watch E deal with this, I forget that she doesn't understand that hot means slow. She's kept up her frantic pace the entire week, with just a little more swimming and playing with the garden hose then usual. She also gotten some new words, "moon," "Elmo," "up," "down," and "ouchie." She also knows what an elephant says.

  July 21- After dinner tonight, E grabbed a swim diaper and insisted that she go outside. Since she'd already been swimming at the Y and at Ama and Grandpa's backyard, we didn't really to go to the pool, so we got the tub of water and a few toys. It worked just fine. We also went on a walk to look for dogs and played with the swings and bubbles a little.

E had swimming today, and her Grandma and Grandpa came to watch she loved showing off for them. After her lessons, she stayed with Ama for the afternoon.

July 20- A post swimming cheerio. Tonight the whole family got into the pool and took a swim. E and dada loved showing off at the songs and splashes she's learned at her lessons, and we all loved the chance to cool down! E spent the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa and even got to take a nap on Grandpa's shoulder.

For some reason, during our pre-dinner walk, E wanted to be carried the whole time, which normally I love, since she's so independent. However, tonight, with the heat, I found myself wanting her to walk on her own for one of the first time.

July 19- This was possibly the messiest meal of E's life. She insisted on eating standing up, which was the first problem. The second was that she was most interested in yogurt. She ate a container and a half of yogurt and got it all over everything since she was controlling the spoon herself. On top of that, she also had rice, which always gets everywhere.

E and her dad had to go mall walking to get out of the house and heat today, they ran into one of dada's grad school friends who was delighted to meet E. After work, we of course had to go for our usual circuit outside, which was so much hotter then usual. Fortunately, most of it is in the shade. 

July 18- Clowning around with her sun glasses is one of E's favorite things. So much so that she broke the sun glasses later this week. She loves putting the glasses on herself and her parents, and always giggles when looking at the world through them. We played on the swimming pool steps tonight, which, if she doesn't get to go swimming is the next best thing. The steps are just right for climbing down two of them without getting too wet.

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