Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26- Dada described this today as E having security dress, not a security blanket. She took this extra dress on and off several times. Although she doesn't dress herself quite yet, she is starting to get interested in it, and has very clear opinions about what clothes she should wear. As a result, she spends a lot of time running around the house in a diaper, since we can't seem to find the outfit she wants.

E was just a little under the weather today, she was cuddlier then usual and wanted to be held a lot more. During our evening walk she wanted to be carried and even road in the stroller for a little bit, something totally out of character. E's new word was "Rora" her friend's name.

July 24- Dancing queen! For some reason, E was doing funny little dances all night, she was doing little stomps and arm waves.  Dances are hard to capture with a camera, but the little grin sums it up. She had a wonderful time playing outside, and even got to play ball with her friend A.

July 24- Today E spent some time with Ama and Grandpa while dada and I celebrated our anniversary. We started the day with a walk for breakfast, half way there E announced she was "all done" with the stroller. She pushed the stroller herself for a while, and then we had to carry her the rest of the way. After breakfast, we played outside for a long time. E went to great grandma's house and had a nice visit, then she played with Ama and Grandpa at the Ba and in the pool. She was even brave enough to put her nose in the water.

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