Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23- The messy dinners have continued, today was pretty exceptional! In addition to a crazy dinner, E had lots to do today. She started off the day feeding mama her breakfast, including huge bites of egg on a fork, and hash browns using her fingers. It was a pretty funny way to eat. In between feeding me, she managed to take a few bits for herself. There was lots of outside play, and E's friend A even came over in the afternoon. E loves giving A hugs, which is adorable. E also helped Ama shop for yarn, E loves pulling the yarn down and putting it into baskets.

June 22- We took E to the County Fair this evening, here is E in a mooing contest. She won a tee shirt, it won't fit until she is 4, but she still said moo over the loud speaker. She was a little scared of the cows and horses, but liked the sheep and chickens. We took her to the children's petting zoo, and she was too scared to touch a chick, but when a volunteer held out a duckling, all of a sudden, E gave it a poke. She scared all the grown ups around her, but the duckling was fine. She also had her first meal of fair food, trying a turkey leg, Vietnamese noodles, and cheese curds. It was all a hit.

E spent the morning with Grandma and Grandpa, while dada and Grandpa did some work, she and Grandma got to play. Grandma even helped E figure out how to work her clacking alligator on a string.

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