Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monkey Girl

Our neighbor describes E as being in the monkey stage, she has lots of words and signs, but instead prefers to point and grunt to get her point across.  There has been lots of pointing and grunting at our house lately. There has also been lots of climbing up onto things lately, which E loves, but worries mom and dad.

July 17- E loves her new kitchen, her favorite part of the kitchen is the series of small blue hooks across the top, she loves to try and hook the utensils and pans on them.  Today was very, very hot, and E basically refused to wear clothes all day. She was dressed when we had lunch with my family, but other then that, no clothes for her! Aside from lunch out, we spent the rest of the day trying to beat the heat.

July 16- We visited Grandpa at the little league field where he was running a tournament. E even got to speak over the sound system, saying hi, and then telling the audience that the cow says moo.  Grandpa even gave E a baseball, which she loved throwing and chasing. In the evening, E and I joined Ama and Grandpa for dinner, and then Ama came over and played for a little bit.

E was all about Ama all day, in the morning, she heard the coffee pot beep that it was done and immediately said "Ama" she spent the rest of the day asking for her.

In the morning, E and I went to the Splash Pad with her friend L and his parents.  Neither kid really liked the splash park, L got splashed in the face right away and was scared the whole time, and E doesn't like to get her face or head wet. She spent the time handing me a cup to fill and then dumping it out.  But it was worth checking out the Splash Pad, and I'm sure we'll go back.

July 15- Only recently has E been allowed to play in the basement.  She really enjoys it down there, and now asks to go down all the time. In the basement she gets away with stuff she doesn't up stairs. She's allowed to take Dada's DVDs off the shelf, play with CDs, and play with the VCR and DVD player. She loves trying out all the stuff she's usually kept away from.  She also likes the giant purple ball, she's not great at throwing it yet, but she's working on it.  Her favorite thing to do is put her belly on it, and have one of her parents roll her on top of it so she's laying on top if it, its sort of like a exercise ball for her.

E also got to play with her friend A today, A's mom had made a super bubble mix, and sidewalk paint.  The girls also had a huge bucket of water and a bunch of cups to play with, between the the two of them, they managed to empty the whole thing.  E also learned to play with mud, and tasted the bubble mixture. She didn't like the taste of dish soap at all.

After that, E got to take part in her second Skype conversation, she talked to her Auntie in England, E loved seeing someone on the computer and loved seeing herself on the screen.

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