Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Concert on the Square

July 6- E and I went to her first Concert on the Square today and she had a wonderful time. She got to play on the top of the capitol steps with a bunch of other kids, we walked around the capitol and looked at dogs, had a drink from a bubbler (one of her favorite things to do), and had snacks with both Ama and I. Some other kids brought sidewalk chalk, which E loved. She colored very nicely with the other kids, she liked throwing the chalk, which we tried to stop whenever possible.  But, E loves to throw.  The concert ended with the 1812 Overture which included a live cannon, the explosions didn't bother E at all, she kept on coloring.

E has really been missing momma while she is at work, it has been particularly difficult in the afternoons, when she has napped and is able to use her energy to cause trouble.  She also got to play at Westmorland Park and took her first ride on a merry-go-round!

July 5- E is playing ghost again! She ran around her room, and her dad and I took turns catching her, so the she didn't crash into anything.  This evening E only wanted to be outside, I took her out three separate times, once to blow bubbles, once for a walk and a swing, and once to look for dogs.  She really wanted to see a dog and refused to go inside until we found one.  Once we finally did, she was scared of it!

She and her dad went to the Geology Museum today and E was scared of the dinosaurs, they also went and toured the new Union South, which E enjoyed.

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