Monday, July 11, 2011

3 Bears

We spent the weekend at 3 Bears Lodge with my friends from college and their kids (and baby to be) and Ama and Grandpa.  All the kids loved the water park, although it took E a little time to warm up to it.  E's word count has grown in the past week or so to include "milk", "up", "hop" (as in "what does a bunny say?" "hop"), and "meese" (milk please).

July 11- Here's E kicking back and doing a little reading!  She laid out her changing pad very nicely, and collected a newsletter to read. It was another busy day for E and dada, they played around the house, played on the swings, and ran a few errands.  After work, E and momma took a walk and after dinner we got to play with our neighbor A.  A and E played on the swings, watched people swim, and chased each other. E tends to push, so we had to watch her pretty closely.

July 10- the whole crew at the 3 Bears.  E is in one of the water swings, which, along with the lazy river was her favorite part. She doesn't like getting her face wet, so the splashing in the park was a little overwhelming for her. She loved seeing her little cousins and I think even had a little crush on P, she followed him around and gave him a couple of hugs.

She had the best time playing on the bottom bunk beds with the other kids, watching movies and climbing up and down.

July 9- E is back in the water swing, she never wanted to get into the swing, but once she was in, she had a pretty good time.  Her favorite was riding on the lazy river on either my or her dad's tummy, although when she and I were on the ride, she got splashed with a wave and she screamed! I don't think E has ever spent more time in the water then she did the weekend.

July 8- E is helping dada unload the luggage, she's really been interested in climbing lately, and this was no exception, she didn't actually get to ride down the hall on the luggage cart, much to her disappointment.  She had a great time exploring the hotel room, one of her favorite parts were the kitchen cabinets that were empty so she could open and close them as much as she wanted.

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