Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15- We have a new routine when I pick E up from daycare. We run down the long hallway of the Princeton Club to look at the fish. On the way, we stop and look at the animal bookshelf, and the people exercising. We pause at the fish, and then run over to look at the exercise class. After that, we try to get onto the hair salon’s armchair, and then run back to the door. We then finally get in the car. E helped make noodles for dinner tonight and added the mushrooms to the sauce.

She is also learning to play pretend, and has been pretending to cook for us with her play kitchen, as she is doing here. 
November 14- Was  a pretty normal day at our house. E helped me cook dinner, every time she sees me in the kitchen she asks for her “helping chair” and wants to do something to help make dinner. It can be challenging to find things for her to help with. Tonight, we had a funny experience. We never have the TV on to a non-kids program  while E is awake, but we tried last night. She immediately noticed that one of the characters wasn’t wearing a shirt and talked about it for the whole show. Now we know she pays attention, and we need to be careful.

We couldn't keep a diaper on E for anything tonight, she was either taking it off for fun or taking it off to sit on the potty. She thinks that she'll get a piece of candy every time she sits on the potty. At one point, she managed to remove her diaper from under her onesie.

November 13- E and I started the day at Target to get dada a long overdue birthday present. E and I spent a lot of time together this weekend since dada was recuperating. Then, we headed over to Ama and Ada’s to have brunch with Nate and Annie. E loved showing off for them, and was so happy to see them. She’s been talking about them, and their dog, Coco Puppy, for weeks now. After her nap, we went for a nice long walk with R, who we hadn’t seen in a while.

November 12- Today quickly took a turn in an unexpected way. We were at urgent care by 8:00 am to get stitches in dada’s foot. E was so well behaved while we waited for dada, and given the situation, I was so grateful to her. We passed the time coloring, looking at the fish, playing with her dolly, and running around. Once we got home, Ama and Ada came over to watch E while momma did some work to get ready for our new furniture. E and I went to my friend’s house warming party, E was the only little kid there and charmed the adults, even better, the party had cherry tomatoes and chips as appetizer, so she was happy.

After the party, we went to Ama and Ada’s house to see Natie and Annie. We had dinner and did some wild playing with Natie and Annie. Natie even brought E a chocolate dinosaur, which she absolutely loved! 

Here is E “helping” Ama hold the old carpet in place before we moved it out, and she’s also enjoying the new sofa.

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