Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11- We didn’t do anything with E today to celebrate 11/11/11, even though I thought we should, there really isn’t any way to make a 20 month old appreciate it. So, instead we took her out for dinner, which went pretty successfully. She ate a little, colored two pictures, drank from a big cup, and then was all done. After dinner, she showed off by running around a few stores. At bath time tonight, I was really impressed with E’s pouring, she’s figured out how to go from cup to cup and only spills a little.
Above, E is on her phone. For my birthday, E got me cases for an ipod touch, fortunately it came with one extra so that E could have her own.

November 10- E and Ama spent the day together again today. They went to open gym at Hoyt School, and E really enjoyed the shopping cart. Ama also took E out to look at the snow, and E figured out how to pick up and eat ice. At home, E was her usual playful self, clowning around with the pillow, watching Dinosaur Train and dancing.

E was being a goofball in each picture I took, she kept scrunching up her eyes like this.

November 9- The most memorable thing about today happened at bedtime. We put E down at her normal time, and I could hear her moving around and throwing her toys out of her bed. Then I heard her “owie” and start to cry, so I went up to check on her. I walked in and she said, “uh oh, diaper.” E was standing in her crib, completely naked, with her lovies, jammies, and diaper on the ground. I couldn’t believe that she managed to get her jammies off. We added an onesie to her jammies, and put her back to bed. After about 5 minutes, dada went to check on her, and found her without her jammies, and her onesie unsnapped. In a new set of jammies, she managed to fall asleep.

Here, E and I are looking at pictures of NatieAnnie on Facebook, this has been her abosolute favorite activity this week, and we’ve looked at every picture posted. I’m not sure why she put the glove on, but I certainly added to the activity.

November 8- I celebrated my birthday today, my second one as a momma. E started the morning by bringing me the card she picked out and colored for me. She chose it because of the ducks on the front. E was thrilled with my gift, fortunately, it came with a cardboard copy, which has become E’s “phone.” After daycare, we went to dinner. It’s the first time we’ve taken E out to eat in a long time. She gets board so quickly, that its really, really hard to enjoy eating out. Since she had both sets of grandparents, she lasted at the table pretty well. She also had her baby to play with, which helped. 

E has gotten really good at opening presents, she’ll be fun to watch at Christmas.

November 7- E has discovered how fun it is to climb up on this pillow and try to stand. She likes the uneven textures, and usually has a few funny collapses on to her bottom while playing. She has also enjoyed being naked lately, and insisted on having her pants off.

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