Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6- Today was a busy one. This morning, E and I made pancakes for breakfast, E is really good at pouring things out of measuring cups and stirring. I took E with me on some errands, she isn't the best helper when shopping, although at the grocery store she made sure that we got apple sauce (a new favorite) and yogurt. So that's something! After the errands, we went with Ama and Ada to a new playground near their house, E loved it. They had a bouncy fire truck to ride on, a bridge, and a slide. She started going down the slide on her tummy, which ended in big smiles. E woke up from her nap a little sad, and watched some Elmo and Dinosaur Train with Dada until she was feeling more like herself. She helped me cook dinner, and did some good playing (or play, play, play as she says).

We also learned tonight that E knows how to suck up spaghetti noodles,which is pretty cute to watch.

November 5- Tonight E helped make pizza for dinner. I asked her what she wanted to have, and of course, she said "pizza." Lately, when E gets hungry, she just starts listing the kinds of food she wants, the list usually goes "muffin, pizza, noodle, chicken, cookie." E was a great helper putting pepperoni on the pizza and dropping handfuls of black olives. Then, she started eating the olives off the pizza. When it came time to eat her cooking, she only ate the toppings.

Aside from cooking, we went to the park, after the long walk there, she only went down the slide twice before she wanted to go home. E and dada also went shopping for my birthday, and she colored me a card.

November 4- I took the morning off to spend time with some of my good friends. My friend Caryn was visiting from Seattle, with her baby S, so, we took the time to get my high school friends and their kids together. E had a great time playing with S and with L. She's played with L before, and was very excited to have him at her house. She pronounces his name Lucy, and picked out her favorite ducky washcloths to share with him. Baby S was so sweet, E loved sharing her toys with him, and his momma let her put his blanket on and off (just like one of her dolls). She loved covering up his legs, and "peek"ing at his toes.

After daycare, we had A over for the evening. She and E went to the park, colored, and had dinner together. They spent the rest of the night playing with E's toys, although E was pretty worn out from our big day, and had to get ready for bed while A was still over. My favorite part of watching the two girls play was the moment where they both wanted to sit on the Dora chair. During A's turn, E stood and repeated "waiting, patience, waiting, patience"

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