Thursday, November 3, 2011


I  can't believe that its November! October flew by, and suddenly people are talking about Thanksgiving.
November 3- E spent the day with Ama and Ada, they went to MSCR open gym, where E saw a baby and went down the slide. She was most excited about the baby. When I picked her up today, she asked for milk. Its the first time in a week that she's asked, and it was clearly part of our routine. We always sit in the brown rocking chair when I pick her up. We left without milk, and without incident.

Once we got home, dada and E went for a nice long walk with the girls, and E ate a nice dinner. Here, E and dada are watching Dinosaur Train. This was a dream of dada's before E was even born, he wanted to show her this program about dinosaurs and talk to her about them, now he's gotten his chance.

November 2- E was very big on helping today. On the way home from daycare, I asked her if she'd help me cook dinner, and she said "yeah." Then when we got home, she wanted to help the basement inspector we had come over. She then helped with dinner, although she wanted to make pizza, we made soup, and she measured the water. When I was adding veggies she found this radish in the fridge, and insisted on eating it.

I was thrilled to take this picture. When I was slightly older the E, I bit into a radish that our neighbor grew in his garden. I thought it was an apple, and was very upset with what I was eating. Its actually one of my earliest memories. So, when E grabbed this one, I grabbed the camera. She didn't mind the radish one bit, and proceeded to eat a good part of it.
October 1- E has taken to sleeping with a zoo's worth of animals (and blankets for each one). She's got big giraffe, little giraffe, dolly, blue puppy, Doot Doot, and big monkey. This is E the morning after tick or treating. She went to bed about 8, and I had to wake her up at 6:45 in the morning. E has also discovered the dada's shoes have insoles, she spent quite a bit of time taking them in and out. We also got to play on the tennis courts with A and R, we are trying to get all our walks in while we have the chance.

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