Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21- I was reading today how it is important for toddlers (and adults) to sit for their snacks. Parenting fail! We try to make E sit in her Dora chair at an old end table while she eats applesauce (her new, absolute favorite) but this is pretty much how it goes. Tonight, she'd sit in her chair, scoop up the sauce with her spoon and then walk over to the (new) rug to eat it. She didn't spill, but you can see her "football shirt" isn't doing so well. Speaking of the football shirt, she asks to wear it every day, and has been known to say "all dirty" when she knows its in the wash.

Tonight on the way home from day care she started asking for "Loki kitty" and as luck would have it, she had a play date with her friend A. The girls played with Loki, ran around like wild things, and played with playdough.

November 20- E had discovered this hiding spot months ago, and then forgotten about it. In the last couple days she's rediscovered it. She hides and waits for you to ask "where's E" and pretend that you can't find her. Then she peeks out. Today was a day around the house for us, although E did help shop for Thanksgiving, we mostly played around the house. We took a little trip to the swings, but its getting cold, and we can't play as long as we'd like. Bedtime has also become a bit of a disaster lately. For a while now, E's gone to bed awake and fallen asleep on her own without crying. Now, its all out screaming, and even with many trips up to comfort, bedtime has been taking an hour and a half. When we get up stairs she asks for "cup of milk," "milk and Os," "animals," and "cup of water." When I go up, she says "lay down" and wants me to lay on the floor next to her bed. We don't know what is bringing this on, but hope bedtime goes back to normal soon.

November 19- E didn't sleep last night, she was up several times, and then got up at 4 with momma. When she woke up, she was hardly awake and strained against being held. So, after a LONG night, we got up for the day. She helped me with some shopping and even rode in the shopping cart, as long as I was pushing fast. I left to go to a Recall Walker rally, and when I got home, this is what I found. After refusing to nap for an hour, she conked out with dada, and then he followed suit. E spent some time with Ama and Ada and loved being at their house. It made me wonder if she's getting bored with her toys, good thing Christmas is coming.

November 18- This pretty much summed up the early part of Friday night. After I picked E up from day care, I asked if she wanted to go see the fish, like we do every day. She said no, so we started out the door. Suddenly she threw herself on the ground saying "fish, fish" so we headed over to the fish. After the fish, there were several more tantrums just on our way out of day care. When we got home, she wanted to see Natie Annie, but lost interest once the computer was on, when I turned it off, we had the picture above. Because dada was in Chicago for work, we had dinner with Ama and Ada, E had only a little bit of pizza, but loved running around the mall. She covered a lot of ground, her favorite part was the steps.

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