Monday, November 28, 2011


November 28- Yesterday when Becca was over, she helped E build this house, E has been improving on it ever since. Much to her frustration, we don't have any more legos. E only likes the single legos or the doubles, so we run out pretty quickly. But, tonight E substituted with some other building blocks. She's in her Bucky shirt again, which she insisted on wearing today. During the Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to put E's hair in pig tails, but she kept yanking them out. I don't know why daycare can style her hair and I can't.

Tonight, E was also a cleaning machine, for some reason at bath time, her favorite game was scrubbing the tub, I guess we'll have to put her to work.

November 27- Teddy Michigan was visiting for Thanksgiving, unlike last time he was here, E wasn't scared of him at all. She had a great time paying with him, and even gave him some stickers. She did call him Nate occasionally though. We spent the morning at Ama and Ada's house visiting with Ted and Danielle, and the afternoon playing around the house. We were lucky to get to visit with Anne, Becca, and Carrie, and baby L. Although baby L isn't much of a baby any more. E had a little trouble sharing her toys, whenever L would pick something up, she'd try to take it. In the end, her favorite was building a lego house with Becca and running from our kitchen to our living room.
November 26- Today was another busy one. We started out the day with a walk at the mall with Ama and Ada. It seems that E has to get out of the house every day for a change of scenery, fortunately, she likes the mall walking. We spent the afternoon at Ama and Ada's house celebrating Thanksgiving. E didn't want to eat turkey, she asked for macaroni as soon as she got in her high chair, but she loved playing with my cousin's daughters. The big girls were really good about playing with E and helping her, and they were a great audience when E got wild and starting running and "falling" on her bottom.

November 25- Day care was closed today, so the family got to spend some nice time together. We took E Black Friday shopping (at 8 in the morning when the stores were empty). She got some of her Christmas shopping done, but still has more. Then, E and I walked over to the park, and on our way back saw some football guys. Unfortunately, the game hadn't started yet. We spent the afternoon and evening visiting with Ama, Ada, Teddy Michigan, and Danielle. E loved seeing Teddy, and particularly loved that Teddy would share his Chex Mix with her.

E had a milestone today, a successful poop in the potty. She got lots of cheering, and a cookie. It was two cookies in two days, she had no idea what to think. 

November 24- We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. It made me think back to last year. Thanksgiving last year was the first time we gave E meat to eat. She didn't like it then, but has come to, usually, like it this year. Today we were lucky to spend the day with fiends and family. We had brunch at A's house with her family and R's family. I'm so happy that we live in a neighborhood with other kiddos.

We had lunch with both of E's sets of grandparents, Norma, and Great Grandma, one of the most touching parts of the dinner was when E pointed next to herself and said "great grandma" with absolutely no prompting. The funniest part was when E saw a plate of krumkake (a Norwegian dessert) being passed and said "chips" and grabbed one. E's favorite part of the day was the fact that she got to have a "chip" and a cookie. She never gets cookies at home, so she talked about it the next day as well.

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