Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17- My favorite part of this picture, which, of course can't come through, is the fact that the whole time she was pushing the ball around, she was whispering "purple ball, purple ball." E spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa and they took her on lots of errands. They are braver then I am, I try to never take her on errands like that. E also got to go to the park, and when we asked her how many times she went down the slide she said "ten!" Her communication is so good, it amazes me, she knows words and context that I can't figure out how she knows it. Tonight, she was playing with some clothes in her room and asked for a "hanger" and help to "hang it up." But, her communication has a downside, for the past few days she has been telling us "V [her classmate] sad, V office" and we have no idea what happened.

November 16- With dada's injury, there has been lots of time for E to sit on his lap. She's taken to watching her new favorite program Dinosaur Train while sitting there. Tonight we had A over to play for a bit, now that it is getting dark so early, its hard for the girls to get the chance to play.

E has stopped sleeping through the night, she now always wants to sleep with her dada and I, specifically on my chest. She's also stopped going to bed relatively easily, so I'm hoping its just a phase.

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