Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23- It was PJ day at day care today and E wore these great monkey jammies, I was hoping she sill fit into the hedgehog jammie from Titi, but the pants were just a little too short. They made pilgrim hats today, and E is modeling hers. This goofey smile is what she did when I told her to smile and then she could see the baby in the camera.

Tonight's dinner was a disaster, E threw every bit of food offered to her. Just during dinner she had two time outs. She'll throw food, then look at her dada or I and say "time out?" and while we count off her time, she'll contribute numbers.

Dada tried a new tactic at bed time today that seemed to work. After the stories, he just let E talk and talked back with her. She finally said "nite nite" and then got into her bed. It worked tonight, maybe this is the new technique.

November 22- Here is E on the phone, she is calling her carseat. As soon as he picked up the phone she said "carseat." She's back in her Bucky shirt, and even had to sleep in it this night. Tonight was the first time I've ever heard E properly address someone on the phone, she was talking to Ama and said "hi Ama." This morning, E was impossibly sweet. I had to wake her up, and she was having a tough time. We ended up in our room, and she said "cuddle" so we got to take a few minutes to cuddle to kick off our day. What a great way to start the day

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