Sunday, May 22, 2011

Second road trip

May 21- We visited Minnesota this weekend and got to visit with lots of friends and family.  We had breakfast with Uncle Nate, who got to see E eat with a fork for the first time.  We then got to go swimming with Titi Willy and her daughter who showed E how to splash and play in the pool.  In the evening we went to a reunion with some of my friends from college, their little girl had this bubble lawn mower which was a favorite will all the kids.  E made sure she got lots of turns.

May 20- This was the first day of our road trip to Minnesota, we left at night so that E would sleep in the car.  She woke up after two hours so we stopped at the Black River Falls Perkins where E played with the table display and had a little snack, we learned that she still doesn't like ice cream, and she also doesn't like pie.  After the stop she cried the entire rest of the way to Woodbury, MN.
May 19- E is eating orzo pasta, it is her new favorite food.  She insists on feeding herself which is a huge mess.  As she gets more and more independent about eating, she has to have more and more bowls.  I'm not sure why.  Although it has taught her to say bowl!

May 18- In the last week or two E has become determined to eat with a fork, not the plastic kid forks we got for her, but with a full size grown up fork.  She's pretty good at it,  but it is difficult to get the food all the way to her mouth on such a long fork.

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