Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17- A tired little girl, she took her nap too early at daycare today, and was worn out for most of the evening.  She and I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to play so that Dad could get ready for a house showing tomorrow.  E got to go down the slide, which she loved, I tried to teach her to say "weeee" when going down, but I'm not sure it worked. E also has a new habit, she sleeps with her blankie, duck, and her other duck (actually a monkey)

May 16- E is helping to clean.  Usually she uses a rag to wipe the floor, but today she got her hands on the swiffer.  She ran around the house with it, and didn't actually hit anyone or anything!  E also got to go Mall walking with Grandma and Grandpa in order to let us get ready for a house showing.  You can see that E's toys have been moved out, I wonder what she thinks about it.

May 15- We went to dad's cousin's graduation in Brookfield, Wis. today, so here is Miss e in her party dress.  She and I didn't go to the ceremony, we played at a playground with a four year old named Sam, E was smitten.  Sam taught her how to go down slides, how to climb up things, and how to find the best woodchips.  After the park, we joined the family for a reception and dinner out.  E was perfect at dinner, running around the mostly empty restaurant and eating a plate of macaroni and cheese, she impressed everyone with the mac and cheese!

May 14- E is showing off her bed roll.  This is what she naps on a daycare and we are always amazed that they can get her to hold still long enough to fall asleep.  So, just to see what would happen, I unrolled it at home and she went right over and laid down for about 20 seconds.  She's also holding one of her new sippy cups, she got two new ones, and they are a huge hit!

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