Wednesday, May 4, 2011

High 5, dancing, and climbing

May 4-  For the last couple of days E has been setting her piano to automatic play and insisting that we dance with her.  Her dad is her favorite dance partner, but I'll do in a pinch.  She insists on three to four songs per dance session, and claps and giggles the whole time.

May 3- E has learned to climb, she can go up and down the stairs, and she's figured out how to climb up on this chair.  Once up, she likes to stand backwards, bounce a little bit, and look behind the head cushion.  She has also been carrying around these two bottles of water for the last couple of days, mostly she shakes them, and sometimes has a little drink.

May 2- Was another mama and E day, we did some more bird watching, here I've distracted her from the cardinal.  She's was teething pretty hard this day, and spent a lot of time chewing, no new teeth yet.

May 1- E learned to high five today while I was at work.  She insisted on getting many high fives, and would hold her hand out until she got the five!

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