Friday, May 13, 2011

May 13- I always tell people that E and I share everything food, cell phones, regular telephones, cups, and anything else I have that E decides she needs.  Today was no different, E unpacked my lunch bag and carried both the bag, and my baggie of crasins around for most of the evening.  She puts the lunch bag over her arm like a purse, its very sweet.  Also today our little Belly learned where her belly is.  She can now point our her nose, toes, and belly!

May 12- E spent the day with Gramma today, and in the afternoon, Grandpa took her to the playground.  When I came to get her after work, they were standing near these tulips, but needed an extra person to get the picture.  I was surprised that E wasn't interested in touching the flowers at all, she mostly just wanted to run around.

May 11- We celebrated mother's day with Grandma and Grandpa N tonight, E's toy box is in the right hand corner of this picture.  The first thing she got out was this puzzle, and the next was this empty tube she plays with.  She put all the puzzle pieces in the tube and then used it as a noise maker.  I guess she has a little bit to go before she is good at puzzles.  She also tried cherry pie for the first time, it was not a hit.

May 10- Tonight at dinner E finished a whole tub of Gerber baby purees for only the second or third time in her entire life!  We were so excited that we had to take her picture with it.  Here she is chewing on the tub. 

May 9- Today one of E's friends came over and they played ghost together.  They had the best time playing under E's blanket like it was a parachute.  The girls would giggle, and hug each other when the blanket would move.  It was so cute to watch. Although the girls are friends, it always takes them a little while to warm up to each other.  E is much more outgoing and more wild then her friend, and her friend is usually a little intimidated when she first arrives.

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