Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

May 8- For mother's day today Grandpa M and Dad made lunch for three moms, great Gramma, Grandma M, and me.  E ran around on the grass at Grandma and Grandpa's something that she is still practicing.  She doesn't do as well with uneven ground as she does with cement.  We also went to Michael's Frozen Custard for a free sundae, e got a wafer cone, which she loved.  She actually ate the whole thing! 

May 7- E and her Dad went to Free Comic Book Day today with the members of the Comic Book Club.  E also got to go out for lunch with the club.  Last year, the club named her their mascot, and she didn't disappoint this year.  E is dressed as a superhero, she's the Hulk, with her green shirt, and purple pants that rip open.

After I got home from work we all went for a walk and E got to run around the high school football field.  She loved playing with the orange field marking cones.

May 6- These two tooth brushes have proven to be quite a bit of fun.  The one on the right is E's, and even though we haven't opened it yet its been great for chewing on.  The weather was so nice tonight that E got to play on the swings with her friend A.  Both girls liked getting outside and seemed to love feeling the wind blow their hair.

May 5- E is throwing a tantrum here.  At this point, we find them adorable, ask us in a few months though.  The tantrums tend to come when she is tired and are caused by her dad or I taking something away that she wants (usually its something she's not supposed to have in the first place).  She throws herself to the floor and cries for 5-10 seconds, she then gets up, gives a hug, and then goes about playing.

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