Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25- E's love of using a fork is clear here, as she tries to eat soup with a fork.  She and I shared dinner tonight, and she stirred my soup frequently, she also refused any bites with a spoon.  This was her second day in the one year old room at daycare and they certainly wear her out.  She was asleep at 7:30 tonight one of her earliest in a long time

May 24- E and Grandpa at the "ba." Ba is E's go to word it currently means button, ball, bottle, book, and playground.  The meanings are all very specific and she uses it correctly when she talks about those things.  As soon as he gets to Grandma and Grandpa's she starts asking to go to the ba.  Today was also a big day, it was E's first in the one year old classroom.  She's leaving her beloved Miss. Chris, so her dad and I are anxious to see how it goes.  To top that off, today Uncle Ted came to visit, E warmed up to him quickly and even let her uncle play ba with her.

May 23- We took E for new shoes today and learned that she knows how to make vroom vroom noises when she drives cars.  I was pretty excited with this new skill, I've been trying to teach her it for a while now.  She also got to play at the library where she colored a picture and tried to put together a puzzle. 

 May 22- This was another big day for E, she and I went to the Sassy Cow creamery open house with her friend A and her parents.  The girls had a wonderful, they got to see cows (according to E, cows say "wooo wooo"), play farmer, try ice cream (E refused), play in a field, and color pictures.  E loved the farmer play station and would have stayed there all afternoon, her favorite was pretending to milk a cow and collecting the "milk" in a plastic bottle.  I didn't have my camera at the creamery, but fortunately our friends took pictures. 

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