Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby birder!

In the past few days E has discovered a new activity, bird watching!  A few weeks ago we bought bird seed that was supposed to bring us a mix of colorful birds, and they've finally started arriving.   Her favorite are the house finches and cardinals because the red is easy to spot.  Today's yellow finch was actually not the hit we expected.

The one problem E has with bird watching is that the birds aren't always there when you want to look at them.  But, the bird feeder has helped keep her in her highchair during meal times, which is a huge plus.

April 29- E is pointing at the feeder, there weren't any bird there this time

April 28-  E is reading one of our bird books.  We have two with color pictures, and she loves looking at them. She even turns the pages carefully on her own. 

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