Monday, May 30, 2011

Ti-ti, Up, and No

May 30- We went to the Monona Memorial Day parade this year.  It was E's first Memorial Day parade.  She enjoyed most of it, there was music, a whole section of dogs, kids walking and throwing candy (although she didn't collect any), veterans, and old cars.  The only thing she didn't really like was when the fire trucks beeped their horns.  We spent the whole parade at the edge of the road, with E often actually sitting in the street.  It was the most dirty she's ever been.  After the parade we had lunch at Grandma and Grandpa M's house and then went home and played.

We also had a parenting milestone at bath time today, it was E's first "accident" in the tub, bath time was cut short for some cleaning!

E has known how to say "no" for a while now, but today she really had it working for her.  She vetoed several outfits and chanted "no" for most of the car ride to the parade.

May 29- E isn't trying to climb the coffee table, or practicing her high kicks.  We went to the zoo on the 28th, and she got a pack of zoo animal trading cards.  She learned that if you stepped on the card with bare feet, the card stuck and you could move it around the room.  So, here she is, getting a card to stick.  You can see it on her foot.  Since it rained all day today we took E mall walking to get some of the wild out.  She had a great time, and even got to play in the toy-ride ambulance.

E also learned to connect "up" to going up the stairs.  She climbed the stairs with me three times and said "up" each time she went up a step.

May 28- Our zoo is celebrating its 100th birthday this year, and Saturday was the kick off.  So we took E.  The zoo was absolutely packed, but we got to ride on the carousel, and get a piece of birthday cake.  E even ate her own mini-cupcake!  It was her first time actually eating a sweet.  We had some flashbacks to a trip to the zoo last summer, when she was about four months old.  For one, she was wearing the same outfit (a new sunhat though) and last summer's was the first time we took E to the zoo when she was awake.  E's favorite part of the zoo was the polar bear, it says "wooo woooo."

May 27- Here is E and her dad looking at momma's ti-ti (pretty) flowers.  E walked around the yard pointing out the ti-ti flowers for both her dad and I.  She doesn't have a real favorite, although the pink geranium is high on her list.  We are working on having gentle hands when we touch flowers.  That isn't coming along as well as ti-ti.  Now, we just need to teach her to say Titi the next time she sees her Titi Willy!

May 26- All packed up and ready to go to Grandma's house.  E was such a good helper getting all her things together, although she is carrying my lunch, not hers.  Duck Duck goes along each Thursday for company.  Today, Uncle Ted was around to play too, and they went to story time at the bookstore, and to play at the Ba.  E also went to the hardware store, but didn't want to go, she screamed the entire time.  I think she just likes to remind us she has opinions sometimes.

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