Saturday, April 23, 2011


April 23- Uncle N is in town visiting for a few days for Easter, he last saw E at her birthday party, and a lot has changed since then, she can run faster and talks a whole lot more.  In fact, she told her uncle bye many, many times tonight.  She and her uncle played with her Easter Eggs, she throws them or carries them around.  She dropped them plenty and said uh-oh every time.  E also got tooth number 8 today, it sure took its time, so we were glad to see it. 

April 22- The Easter bunny came a little early to Grandma and Grandpa M's house.  The bunny brought E some socks, goldfish crackers, and new shoes.  E didn't notice her basket right away, and even when she did, she didn't seem to enjoy taking things out of it as much as I expected.  However, she did enjoy carrying the eggs around.  She also enjoyed running the loop at Grandma and Grandpa's in her new shoes.

April 21- We took E on her second road trip today.  We went to the Milwaukee Public Museum where E got to see the dinosaurs and other animals on display.  She liked the dinosaurs and her dad loved showing them to her and telling her about them.  She also liked the stuffed animals on display, and told many of them bye bye when we moved to the next exhibit.  She also really enjoyed the butterfly garden, although she was too excited for any of them to land on her.

After the Museum we headed to Brookfield to visit with her dad's uncle and cousin.  It was the first time her cousin had met her, and her uncle hadn't seen E since her baptism.  We went out to eat, and E had a hard time holding still at the restaurant. She made several attempts at escape, but we kept up with her.  She made it most of the way home without crying, about a half hour from home was her limit, but her CD saved the day.

April 20- E has taken to playing with her boppy, this is the first in a series of pictures, first she drags it to the floor, then she sits and/or stands on it, then she rolls over and lays on it, then she crawls around a little.  Then she starts the whole process over again. 

April 19- E is in the process of transitioning to the 1-2 year old room at daycare.  As part of the preparation, they are moving her nap to 11:30 and only having her take one nap.  Some days it works, other days, like this one, she slept for 40 minutes all day.  She was utterly exhausted when she got home.  We had a little snuggle time, but just for a bit since we still wanted her to sleep at night.

April 18- We are always so proud of E when she plays with this toy.  When she first got it, the noise was too loud for her and she was scared.  She's gradually warmed to it, and this day got it out for herself.  She pushed it around the house for a while, with a smile on her face.

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