Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Button, Uh-Oh, and All done

E has been practicing a few new words.  She learned Button during the budget repair bill protests.  Her dad wore a union pin on his jacket, and she was fascinated by it. She can now identify pins, buttons on clothes, and snaps on jackets.  Day care taught her uh-oh and she knows to use it when she drops her cup, or can’t find what she wants.  All done was the first thing we taught her to sign, and now she’s got the word!

 April 13- E didn't want to get up this morning, probably because she was awake from 12 to 3 am.  We thought we had figured out the sleeping thing, and for a few weeks she mostly slept through the night, but for the last two nights she's been up.  The lack of sleep has been making her cranky, she's been getting frustrated when she can't get her legos apart, which isn't something that usually bothers her.

April 12- Tonight E only wanted to play with her two cups, one of water and another of milk.  This evening was notable because she actually finished a cup of milk.  Usually she has a few sips and then spits it out. 

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