Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We Voted!

E has become increasingly verbal, she chatters most of the time and is adding words.  Today day care told me she can say “tree.”  So far, she can say ball, bottle, and box (although they all are “ba”), button, bye (accompanied by a wave, and sometimes a blown kiss), diaper,  cup, all done, mama, dada, and a few others.  She can sign more (which she does all the time), milk (which she does every time she sees her mama), and all done.
April 5- E helped me vote today, so it was only fair that she got to wear the "I voted" sticker.  She had a much better time playing with the sticker then she did voting.  When we voted, she got mad that I wouldn't let her hold the pen, and she let everyone know it!

April 4- E went back to the doctor's office today to get the last two of her one year shots.  She found the keyboard right away and got busy pushing buttons.  She was a great trooper during her shots and only cried a little bit.  I had her weighed and measured and she weighed in at 17 lbs and 8 oz, putting her back in the 5th percentile.  I guess all the youget we've been feeding her has paid off. 

April 3- E has been learning to climb, she can almost get into this chair.  She's been practicing lately, climbing on other chairs, climbing on her bike, and trying to climb up her high chair.  We are in trouble once she figures this out!

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