Wednesday, April 27, 2011


April 27- E got these pop bugs for Christmas, she hasn't been too interested in them until lately.  She used to just chew on them, but now she tries to pop them together.  The only problem is that the bugs are too hard for her to pop or un-pop without help.  Bed time has become a challenge again, its taking E longer to fall asleep and she wants several stories.

April 26- E is now a stair climber, I think she learned how at daycare because in the past few days she constantly wants to climb up and down the stairs.  Grandpa M spent some time with her last week teaching her how to go down backwards, and now she knows to go backwards without anyone telling her.  She's working on learning how to carry things up with her while she crawls, which is pretty funny looking, but makes her so happy when she accomplishes it.

April 25- The weather was beautiful so E spent lots of time outdoors.  She and I went for a long walk and playtime outside. E didn't want to swing, so we spent time crawling up the steps of our neighbors.  When her dad came home she was back outside and even got to meet the mailman.

April 24- Easter Sunday.  The bunny came to our house and hid eggs for E to find.  They were filled with goldfish crackers and puffs.  E liked finding and opening the eggs.  We thought she'd love having a basket and putting the eggs in it, but it wasn't too high on her list of things to do.  We had brunch with Grandma and Grandpa N, where E tried an organic pancake and loved it, she wouldn't try the strawberries though.  Grandma N also introduced E to sugar cookies, which she was happy to eat.  We had dinner with Great Grandma, where E impressed everyone with her running and her ability to say by-bye.

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