Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big Girl Car Seats and More

April 2- Today was a busy day for Miss E, she spent the morning at the Regent Invite track meet and watched some races.  She and I also went shopping at Kohls, and she played with Grandma and Grandpa N while her dad and I went out for dinner.  That is a lot of activity for E in one day.  Tonight, we read one of E's new (and her absolute favorite book, Ten Little Dinosaurs.  She loves the google eyes, and turning the pages.
April 1- No April fools here, E is learning to ride her musical bike, in her big girl shoes her feet finally reach the ground, and she is getting the hang of it, although she is better at going backwards, which frustrates her.  She also prefers to play music with this toy rather then ride it, and its funny to watch her lean over the front to try and reach the keys.

March 31- E in one of our two new car seats.  We had this one out sitting on the floor before it was installed, and she wanted to sit on it and climb in it, she was so proud of herself when she got into it on her own, now we just have to hope that she likes it in the car.  Tonight, for the first time, she let us know when she was ready for bed.  She walked over to me, and gave the sign for milk, and when we asked her if she wanted to go nite nite, she indicated she did.  Hopefully this is a trend that continues.

March 30- Playing in the car seat box, she loved drumming on it, and climbing in it, she also chewed on it, and pulled the stickers off!  For this night, the box was almost as fun as pulling tupperware out of the kitchen cabinets.

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