Monday, April 11, 2011

Duck Duck

The big change in E these past few days has been her attachment to Duck Duck, its a soft yellow duck lovie, which she named Duck Duck.  We don't know why she says the name twice, that's just the way it is.  Duck Duck hasn't replaced elephant blankie as the lovie of choice, now there are two.  Along with the addition of Duck Duck, the blankie and duck now accompany E more places. 

April 11-  We waved bye bye to da-da this morning as he went to work, I think E got a little confused about it and spent a good deal of time looking out the window and saying "da-da."  I took E to play at the library today, she was a big fan of the puzzles and spent her time running and laughing while carrying a few puzzle pieces. 

April 10- the first swinging of the season.  Last summer, E and her dad went swinging every night before bed to give E a chance to calm down.  The swing set got to be a meeting place for the dads in the neighborhood, since several other little kids went swinging at the same time.  Today was one of E's first times swinging on her own.  E also had breakfast out with Grandma and Grandpa M, and after breakfast went to her first McDonald's playland.  The playland was too intimidating, so we'll have to try again another time. 

April 9- Here is E in front our garden, things are just starting to pop up, but hopefully we can have an "after" picture in a few months with some flowers.  This was E's last walk of the day, she and her dad went on several, and then she and I took one, it was unseasonably warm, so we had to take advantage.  Soon, E will want to walk by herself on our walks which will be a big change, we'll have to start walking to the park, instead of just around.

April 8- E has never been a kid who laughs a lot.  She smiles, but getting her to laugh has been hard, she laughs when tickled, but not much when she is acting on her own.  This is one of her favorite games he plays with her dad, she gets tummy blows and then to go upsidedown, she just laughs and laughs

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