Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17- We spent a good deal of the evening playing like this.  E would put her blanket over her head and then walk back and forth between her dad and I, giggling and laughing the whole time.  We had to cut the game a little short when she stared walking around the room and we had to chase her so she didn't fall.  E also at at IHOP today and tried scrambled eggs for the first time.  They were a hit!

April 16- I thought I had a few more years until E started borrowing my stuff, turns out I was wrong.  We already share a cell phone, and  now a purse.  E even put it on herself.  She is good at getting things like purses and hats on her head, but she hasn't figured out how o dress (or undress) herself yet.
April 15- E has recently started ripping more things.  She used to try and chew paper or tissues,  but now, she tears them into little pieces.  She got pretty far with this one.  The funniest part, is what she is doing above, she take a little piece and wipes up the floor with it.  No idea how she learned to clean, but hopefully she'll still think its fun in a few years.

April 14- E loves her legos this week.  She builds tall towers and then takes them apart.  Her favorite ones are these little single legos, I think because they are easier to manipulate.  Her record is a tower of four. 

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