Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starting a 365 day project

I was inspired by a post over at drmomma.org to start a 365 project for my little girl E.  When she was born, I intended to keep a daily journal of our days together, but it never seemed to get going.  So we will have to see what happens this time.  I'm trying to give E a glimpse of what life was like for her family in 2011, so our days may not be out of the ordinary, but we always have fun.

My goal is to take at least one picture of E every day from 1-1-11 to 1-1-12, I want to be able to watch her grow and learn throughout the year.

I'm already starting late, here are the first four days of 2011.

January 1, 2011 E finished opening her Christmas presents.  Nap time got in the way on Christmas day.  Tearing the paper was by far her favorite part of the holiday, second favorite was climbing on boxes.  She is wearing her Christmas PJs which we couldn't find for her to wear on Christmas day.

January 2-We were a day late in taking this one, E's 10 month birthday was Jan 1.  However, this picture pretty much sums up E at 10 months.  We originally put the sticker on her tummy, but after 1 picture she peeled it off.  So we stuck it on her back.  She then made a break for her toy bin.  E doesn't hold still, ever.

January 3, playing with her phone.  Our house phone became E's favorite item to try and play with, so we gave her an old phone.  She's not fooled, and still tries for the real phone, but this one works for teething.  E also watched the Packer game with grandma and grandpa, they won, we think because she was in her cheerleader outfit.

January 4- E and A are playing with her new book, a present from Titi Willy.  E loves opening and closing books, and whenever you open this one it talks, and when you close it the book says good-by.  We hear that a lot.  She also loves to push the little butterfly across the cover.

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