Monday, January 24, 2011

We love the weekends

January 24-  Today E was all about clapping.  She's known how to clap for a month or two now, but for some reason, today she was really into it.  She didn't want to play pat-a-cake, or any kind of clapping game, she was perfectly happy to clap on her own.

Also, I jinxed us, in my last post I wrote about E putting herself to sleep, no more.  Sadly she's back tracked on that, and we've had two nights now of tears before bed.  Hopefully she can get her groove back soon.

January 23- The best part of the weekends is the family time.  Of course part of this day involved watching the Packers play.  We had a nice family moment when E woke up from her nap and was ready to snuggle.

January 22- E had a busy day, she had lunch with A and Grandma and Grandpa N.  Then she got her portrait taken.  I love this outfit she's wearing, its very sweet.  The first time she wore it a few months ago, at the end of the day, day care pointed out that her pants were too big.  As you can see some things don't change.  What I love about this picture is it captures E's size.  Quite a few of her clothes fit like this, and at one point in the day, she actually walked these pants right off.

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