Friday, January 7, 2011

Days 5-7

January 5- This picture is notable for several reasons.  Fist, E is again wearing her Christmas PJs, which we couldn't find on Christmas Day.  If you look closely you'll see a reindeer face on her tush, which is one of the thinks I love about the PJs.  Second, this picture sums up the problems with taking E's picture.  When I went to get the camera, she was laying on her tummy with her tush in the air, as I took the picture she rolled, so this is an action shot.  We have more pictures of E's ears then I can say.  Third, she is sleeping.  That isn't too common around here.  For a while E slept very well, but for the past few months, she's been waking at least twice per night.

January 6-E is at Happy Bambino for mama baby group.  She and I go Thursdays after work to meet up with moms and babies we met while attending Meriter's Mother Baby Hour.  She is one of the most mobile ones in the group, so I chased her around the store.  She examined everything on the bottom shelves.  Her favorite were the containers of puffs, they were just the right height to pull off the shelf.  You have to notice that her feet are a blur here, she never stops!

January 7-We had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's today, we were looking forward to E showing off how well she feeds herself finger food, but she wasn't interested in dinner.  Instead she explored the house.  She discovered the door to the kitchen, which was the first time she's ever been allowed to play with a door, she enjoyed opening and shutting it. 

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