Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holiday weekend

January 16-  Today was quite a day, I got a lesson in making sure I bring the camera with us all the time.  E and I went mall walking with Grandma and Grandpa M, and had several cute chances for photos.  But, no camera.  We had a scare too, E was walking on the tile floor and fell and bumped her head.  So she and I went to the doctor just to make sure things were ok, fortunately they were.  When we got home, it was dinner time, and E perfected holding her cup without hands.  She can't drink while doing this, but she enjoys it none the less.
January 15- E stayed up for the first part of the Packer game, but most of it was past her bedtime.  In this picture she is holding the wrapper from a Baby Mum Mum, by far her favorite treat.  Today the wrapper was far better then the cracker, she actually dropped half of the second one, in favor of the packaging.  She used the package for chewing, but her mouth is open in the picture because she is squealing while playing.
January 14-  Daycare was closed today, so E and I spent the morning together.  She was lucky enough to spend part of the afternoon with Grandpa, and then with dad.  She and spent the morning around the house.  In the picture above, she's pointing at the laptop, the desktop is a picture of E, mom, dad, and Grandma, and Grandpa, whenever our laptop is open, she points at it to get a look at the picture.  After taking a look, she smiles.  E is holding a fleece ear band, it fell out of my coat pocket last night, and she spent all Friday carrying it around.  As usual, her favorite toys aren't toys at all.

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