Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two days where we are busy

January 14- Today was another busy day, I learned around 2:30 that day care is going to be closed tomorrow, so I had to make arrangements to be home from work in the morning, fortunately Grandpa M. offered to take some time off, so he will be watching E for a few hours.  Because I worked late, we didn't get much play time around the house today.  But, in the time we did have, E played basketball, with her pink plastic cup, and then she figured out how to unsnap her pants.  Although she stopped after one leg.

January 12- E pretty much sums up my feelings about this day.  We when house hunting, so E was at Grandma and Grandpa N's house.  By the time we were able to pick her up, all we had time to do was put her to bed.  Neither A nor I got enough E play time.  By the time we got home from Grandma and Grandpa's she was already beside her self, as you can see, and just nursed and put her self to sleep (yes!)

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