Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11-  Sporty Girl!  E and her basketball hoop, it combines several of his favorite things, standing up, and being able to hold on to two of the same object at the same thing.  Her basketball  hoop is becoming one of her favorite things, which is nice to see.  When she got it for Christmas, she was scared of it, we couldn't even set her on the floor near it.  Now, she's used to it, and spends some time most nights playing with it.

January 10- I let E play in the entry way, not something she is usually able to do.  I was worried she'd either try to play with the paper on the bottom of our mail table, or try and climb the stairs.  She did neither.  Instead she decided to play with the carbon monoxide detector.  She spent her time trying to get it to balance on top of the jug.  She never quite got it.  

January 9- E is back in her Packer's outfit, and once again they won!  We will have to make sure she wears it next Sunday!  E was at Grandma and Grandpa's while we went to a few open houses in the area.  This picture showed me something I'd never noticed before, E and Grandpa have the exact same color eyes.

January 8-  Sharing is something that E is still working on.  She usually shows an item, holds it out to you and then smiles and pulls it back.  The one thing she consistently shares  is her nuk.  E doesn't use her nuk for traditional comfort, she uses it as a teether.  E spends most of her time with her nuk off to the side of her mouth, trying to work on her side teeth.  

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