Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19- E is standing her with a Rubbermaid container.  Its her new favorite.  I carried it up from the basement the other day and somehow she got to it, she's been playing with it ever since.  Her absolute favorite is to look through it while trying to position it as close to my face as she can.  She also likes putting things in the container and carrying them.  However, she doesn't quite understand that when you tip the container things fall out, it makes for some pretty funny expressions. 

January 18- This cabinet has been a consistent favorite of E's.  She likes to look at the items in it.  Some days she bangs on the glass (which I try to stop), some days she pounds on the glass with plastic toys (which I always stop), and some days she tries to chew on the door knob.  That's what she is doing here.  The first time I saw her do this I laughed and laughed, but now that I've seen it many, many times, I'm trying to put an end to it.  But, I love that this pictures captures the moment.

  January 17- E and her elephant blankie, we tried a whole series of different lovies for E, we had a very soft monkey that a co-worker swore by, we had a very soft duck, we had a very soft frog that Aunt Polly recommended, but none of them did the trick.  What did?  A big cotton swaddling blanket.  But, she sleeps with it, naps with it, and plays peak-a-boo with it.   

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