Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5- We made it through our first week of school (for everyone). Ada and M dropped E off at school this morning, before heading to a new activity. They went to Tenny Nursery School and had a great time. M didn't even fall asleep on the way home, and it sounds like she was very into playing so she took a late nap. After we picked E up from Grandma and Grandpa's we headed home. E helped me cook tonight by being the waitress. M didn't like being sent to the basement too much at all. After dinner and a quick walk, it was time for program and bed. Both girls had a hard time going down tonight.

The chair that they are both trying to sit in is a "monkey see, monkey do" chair, they both totally ignore it, but once one is sitting the other one HAS to be too!

September 4- The girls had breakfast with Ama and Ada, and got a little time with Teddy this morning. E went to 4K, and M stayed with Ama and Ada. I was lucky, I got to see M and the gang for breakfast (at coffee break). I love getting the chance to see her during the day. After work and school, E and I pretended to be fairies and went for a walk, we found thee cicadas (making us bug fairies). We got to spend a little time with R before heading in.

September 3- Teddy in in WI for a quick visit, so we went to Ama and Ada's tonight. We spent some time on the deck visiting. E wanted to play kickball, but refused to wear sunscreen, so instead she sat on the deck. We had dinner, and some more visiting, then the girls got new PJs.

This was E's first time getting hot lunch at school, and it was a success!

September 2- It was dada's first day of school today, everyone did a nice job of working together this morning to make sure that he wasn't late. We are still working out the kinks of being a one car family, but we are getting it down. It most comes into play as we try to navigate work and school.

September 1- We had a nice, relaxing labor day. We started out the day with a trip to the Zoo. We haven't had too many family trips there this summer, so it was nice to sneak another one in. Ama and Ada came too. On this trip, we even went into the aviary (something E usually doesn't want to do). After the zoo, we had our traditional lunch at Hong Kong Cafe along with a picnic, the girls must have been starving because the both ate an entire entree! After quite time, we played at home. E and I went to Toys R Us, and she was very excited to get Barbie Juice

August 31- We went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire today, it was me and the girls first trip to a Faire of that size. We got there just in time for the jousting (which was something E and dada both really wanted to see) and then spent the rest of the time wandering around taking in the sites. Dada and E also got to shoot bow and arrows (E has always wanted to be like Merida). We had some food on a stick, and E got some nice face painting done.

August 30- We started out the morning getting our family pictures taken, and were planning a last trip to Circus World, but the weather turned bad. So we went downtown to the Children's Museum and Farmers Market. M and I stayed at the Museum where she had a ball in the water room. She got so wet other parents would literally gasp when the saw her (we had a change of clothes). She played in the phone booth, and really liked running around the kid area. We had pizza for lunch and then stopped for balloon animals on the way back to the car, E got a penguin and M got a "corn dog" (a plain yellow balloon)

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