Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29- There are moments M looks just like her sister, and this is one of them. Today was the second day of school, and our second day back in our routine. We are getting better at it, although the true test comes on Tuesday, when we've got to get dada to school on time too. We are all carpooling together right now, which is nice, but certainly hectic. Today, I dropped E off at school where she played on the playground for a bit before heading down to her classroom. She acted like an old pro, barely even looking back when I said goodbye.

M got to spend the day with Ama and Ada, I think it is so good for her to have quality one on one time like that. I think one of the harder things about a second child is the lack of one on one time with either of them. They had a good time going out for breakfast and playing.

After work and school, we got to go to the girls friend A's birthday party. It was M's first kid-party, and she had a great time. She loved playing outside with bubbles (E had a good time with pool noodles), M ate pretty well, and after the "big" kids went to play, she contented herself with snacking on their left over cake.

August 28- Today was E's first day of 4K, she had a wonderful time! Dada an I dropped her off, and she ran right into her classroom and sat on the rug for storytime. I got some reports from Ama and Ada throughout the day and they said she seemed to have a good time at recess. She liked lunch in the cafeteria, and the playground.

M had a big day too, they played outside all morning, and even went to the zoo!

After work and school, E got to pick a restaurant for dinner, she picked McDonald's of course. We had an early bedtime, which was different for us. M protested quite a bit, but she fell asleep and slept through the night (something she hadn't done the last two nights). E was asleep by 8, which is rare!

I asked E what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said "I want to work from home."

August 27- This morning, E and I went to school to visit her classroom. Initially, she wasn't too interested, but when she got to the dollhouse, she was hooked. In the evening we headed back to school for an ice cream social. E loved picking out different toppings for her ice cream, and M was thrilled to get her own bowl too, we played on the playground for a bit, M is fearless on the slide. At the top, you always have to tell her to sit down, otherwise it seems like she might just keep going!

August 26- Today was the girls last day with dada, and E and dada had a "daddy daughter day." The girls started out with Grandpa Ada this morning, in the early afternoon, dada picked up E and they had Rocky Rococo's for lunch, and built a Lego model. They picked M up from Ada's early, and had some nice playtime around the house. When I got home from work, we pretended to be wolves for a little bit, had dinner (E proclaimed grilled pineapple "not bad") and then E and dada had a movie party. M and I took a nice long walk and even played in the big sandbox with R and her mom.

When M and I got home, it was time for the movie credits, or as we call it, time to dance.

August 25- Today was Ama's birthday, so we got to celebrate with her this afternoon. We had a birthday party, with a cake that E made and decorated with sprinkles. Sadly, we forgot our camera, so we had to take our picture after.

After we got home, dada went to a party, and I tried to do bedtime on my own. Needless to say, when dada got home, everyone was still up.

August 24

August 23- We started the day with a breakfast picnic, and sand table time. We went to the Verona Public Library today to see the History Tour, the girls like the old time badminton game, but were mostly excited to play with the library's toys, went to church in the evening, and had dinner (and ice cream) at Culvers. E was today's photographer.

August 22- M had been sleeping through the night in her own bed since about the first of August, the early morning of Aug. 22, was her first time with us in a while.

August 21- M helping me with my knitting.

August 19- Pile on daddy

August 18- M just loves these sunglasses! Sometimes I have to wear them, but she usually likes to keep them for herself.

August 17- We asked E what she wanted to do while in MN, and her response was to see Natie, Annie, and Coco puppy, so we visited with them prior to heading home. We stopped and had a picnic at a park near their house with "Subway sandwiches" (the only kind E will eat). M loved seeing the dog and wandering the park.

M napped for about an hour of the car ride, and then sobbed the rest of the time. We took a much needed stop at the Wisconsin Dells and had dinner at Buffalo Phil's E loved the amusement park aspect, and even won some nice prizes playing the games.

August 16- We were at Titi's today, and all the kids played in the pool and with other water toys today. They were also busy around the house. M really hit it off with little, who called M, "my baby" it was nice to see little E take such good care of M, and have a nice time with her. M is at the age where she plays in parallel with other kids, and it was nice to see her have a little more interaction.

August 15- This morning was M's first trip to the dentist, and E's third. E has been asking to go back ever since last time, since she got a prize. Both girls did a great job, and no one cried! After the dentist, we started our trip to MN, the girls did ok in the car, M didn't nap nearly as long as we had hoped. E kept herself pretty entertained. We stopped at Como Park Zoo, for a quick visit, then went to Titi's. We got there nice and early, so we got to have dinner and some playtime which was great. Both girls (and their parents had a great time)

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