Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16- Today we had a different morning, E, M and I went to Ama and Ada's house, but they were out for breakfast. E was upset by the change in her routine, so we went for donuts, E was convinced that they would be home when we got back. But, they weren't. After she ate, E decided to wait until Ada was home before going to school. Fortunately, he made it home before we had to go! M and Ada came for coffee break today, which was great. M ate most of my yogurt, and a chocolate cookie (I offered her half, but she knew better and took a whole one)

After school today, we had little A over. We are rotating child care with our neighbors, and the little girls and big girls will travel in a pack, so M got to have a friend over, they played pretty well together, M did a little pushing. M found a new baby doll today, and was in love it with. We'll see how long it lasts.

September 15- M and Ada went to visit great gramma today, and they took her out for breakfast. After breakfast, M had a nice time playing with great gramma. M has been wearing this crown all the time. We're not totally sure why, E has never really been a fan, so she hasn't gotten it from her.

September 14- We had  a nice family Sunday today, with each parent getting some one on one with with each girl. E and I went to a soccer themed birthday party for one of her class-mates, while dada and M played at home and took a nap together. After quiet time, E and dada went to a football party (dada won beer, E was very excited for him). M and I took the time to go to the playground at the community center near our house. We used to go to this park all the time with E, so I was very happy to get the chance to play there with M.

September 13- We all slept in this morning, which was strange, but great! I started out the day at a clothing resale, so dada took the girls to the Monroe Street Festival. E got "W"s on her face, and a balloon poodle, M didn't get her face painted, and popped her balloon animal. They also got a giant bag of kettle corn. After the festival, we had lunch with Ama and Ada at HyVee and then E got a chance to play with her friend R.

M helped me make pizza for dinner. She got to stand on a chair in the kitchen one time, and now she seems to think its a normal thing.

September 12- I was out this evening doing a busy bag swap, so dada was on his own with the girls. The girls had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and then program and playtime with dada. M is starting to say lots of words, she can say: Ama, Bappa, Momma, Dada, Sissy, Woof Woof (Dog), Waffle, Awa (any girl friend), and shoe.

September 11-

September 10- Although we tell E not to climb on the couch, I couldn't resist!

September 9- We spent the afternoon playing outside with our friends. Once we were inside, the girls took turns playing on this step stool.

September 8- Dada was out for awhile this evening, and bedtime was a disaster with just me, E wanted to be with me when I was trying to put M down, and M wanted to be running around when I was trying to put E down.

September 7

September 6- It was the first Badger game of the season today, and at long last E got to have her lemonade stand! It was a huge success. Turns out people like to buy lemonade and water from a young girl who yell "lemonade and wata for sale" over and over and over! Once the game started, our whole family walked down to campus for lunch and to see the festivities. We had a wonderful picnic and family time.

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