Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30- Today dada and I were responsible for the "big girls" we joined up with the "little girls" for a trip to the mall to see Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, and participate in some kid activities. Only A and R were brave enough to stand near the characters. Both little girls were scared of Olaf, and E still doesn't really like people in costume.

The girls all did a craft project, and then had dinner at the food court. After dinner, they all played at the play land. I think M really enjoyed being part of the crowd. She had a great time in the play area. Back at home, she got to take a solo tubby, which is a little rare for her.

This morning, M and Ada came to meet me at coffee break. M was a big hit with all my co-workers, and took turns pointing around the table at everyone.

September 29- Tonight when we got home from work and school, we tried to play outside right away. It was an interesting night, while we were outside, the temperature dropped significantly, and we are back to fall. Tonight at dinner, M was sitting nicely in her chair, but suddenly had to get out. Turns out that she wanted to sit with dada.

For the last couple weeks, M has been amazing at bed time, she has started being able to put herself down to sleep with no (or a few) tears. She also has a Mickey Mouse music box, and she has to have it turned on during rocking and stories, and usually first thing in the morning.

September 28- Today we had a lovely family day. The morning was filled with the Zoo Run, which E and dada participated in. M did a nice job wandering around and waiting, and then cheering on her family. She was absolutely in love with looking at Henry, the zoo's mascot. She didn't want to touch him, or stand by him, but she wanted to be held near him, and point and wave. She has developed a new wave, using just her last three fingers.

After the race, we had a picnic at the zoo and then looked at the animals. After quite time we ran a few errands, and then had some play time in "Leaf Wonderland" (what E is calling our front yard).

September 27-  While dada parked cars this morning, the girls and I went to the Badger Bash and Union South. Dada met us there, and we tried Mt. Dew, played bean bag toss, and spun the prize wheel for the book store (E won lollipops for herself and M). Then E got a feather in her hair.

We had lunch at the Sett, and watched a little bit of the game. At home, E and I took a nap together, while dada held M for her nap. After quite time the girls and I played outside in all the freshly fallen leaves..

September 26- Dada had a TON of grading to do tonight, so the girls and I were on our own. We started the evening with a picnic in Leaf Wonderland, and then went to Hilldale. We got E her Buckey Badger shirt, played at the toy store, got M's bangs cut, and had popcorn and smoothie at Target. Then, we went to JoAnn's so that E could pick out Elsa colored yarn for a craft project.

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