Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25- E woke me up very early this morning with the dreaded "mommy, I throwed up" so we spent a good part of the night cleaning up. So, she and I stayed home from work/school this morning. Ama came over in the afternoon so that I was able to go work for a little bit. It doesn't seem like M is sick (knock on wood). M had a great time playing at the park today, there was another little girl slightly younger then her there and they actually played together.

After work, she and I went for a walk and she was crazy to see "Ah-wa" (her name for E's friend A) so we got to stop in a visit with A and A, and then play on the swings.

September 24- E and I went to gymnastics today while M stayed home and helped dada cook. While she was with Boppa today, M had a real puzzle breakthrough, she was able to match up the pieces of her animal puzzle and get them to fit all by herself (or with very minimal intervention). This is a very new skill for her.

September 23- We had a more normal evening at home as you can see with the pile on dada!

September 22- Today I achieved my parenting rock star status! Dada had to go back to work, so he hurried home to get dinner for us. He left, and the girls and I played outside for a while and then had a movie party with popcorn and Brave. For the first time, I successfully put both girls to bed! I nursed M, then read to E, then nursed M again. When she was done, I put M down and said "night night" she fussed for a minute and then was quiet. I went back to read E a last "fairy chapter book" chapter, and M was asleep when I was done. E was out before dada came home.

M did have her first official tantrum tonight, it was the kind were nothing made her happy, we tried snacks, juice, and lots of other things, but she basically just needed to feel sad for awhile.

September 21- We went to pick apples today, which was very important to E to accomplish this fall. We went to Epplegarden like usual, and had better luck finding low apples then we usually do. E really had a great time picking apples and so did M. Although M kept trying to pick them up off the ground! Both girls liked munching apples while we walked and picked, and we definitely got a good haul. E and I even made apple crisp for dessert (although E didn't eat any).

Grandma and Grandpa watched the girls tonight so that dada and I could go out. The girls had a great time at their house, and even took a tubby.

September 20- We had quite a day today, we started by parking cars for the Badger game, and having a lemonade stand. E wasn't as excited about lemonade as she was last week, and refused to yell "lemonade and wata for sale." She was also much more interested in drinking lemonade this week! We had planned to go get lunch by the stadium, like usual, but Ama and Ada's neighbor's gave us tickets to the game. We walked down to the stadium and M got to see her first Badger game. E got to see her first regular season game! Both girls seemed to really enjoy it. M even got to add Camp Randall stadium to the list of places she nursed :)

We spent the afternoon playing outside with friends and E went to a classmate's birthday party. Needless to say, both girls were completely wiped out by bedtime!

September 19- M and I were home alone for a little while tonight, and she was looking in the fridge. She found this coffee creamer and started carrying it around and calling it baby. We even went outside and played sidewalk chalk with her "baby."

September 18- The girls went back to Mickie's today, sadly I couldn't join them. This was the first visit to Mickies with E at 4K, and it seemed to work pretty well.

September 17- M has to brush her teeth each night, just like big sissy does. She's noticed that E gets toothpaste, so now she needs it too. Fortunately, she's too little to realize that we are just pretending to put some on her brush.

E has started gymnastics again, so M and dada got some nice time to explore outside together tonight while E and I were at gymnastics.

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