Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 28- The strange thing about M's birthday being on the 31st, is that it is hard to know exactly when to take these pictures, and February was challenging. So, we took the 11th month on on the 28th, figuring it was as close as we could get. Today E and dada went to see Beauty and the Beast, the play that dada's high school is presenting. They took a picnic to eat in dada's classroom, and had quite an evening. Unfortunately, they both got food poisoning, which cut the evening short. The food poisoning made for a long night, E ended up sleeping in my spot, while M and I camped out on M"s floor.

M and I spent the evening together, we did a little grocery shopping, and some playing. M has discovered (or learned) where her nose is. So she spends lots of time putting her finger on the side of her nose, and then smiling at you, until you compliment her on finding her nose!

February 27- M loves these Sesame Street books, we have several, and she loves reading them. What is noticeable to me about this picture is the fact that she is squatting. When we had questions about her leg development, I remember worrying because she never squatted, only sat when she wanted to look at something. E squatted all the time, and started at a very young age. I asked my mom about M's sitting vs. squatting, and she pointed out that E started walking so early, which is why she seemed to squat so long, whereas M started walking "late" for our family.

February 26- E has been really into feeding her dolly lately, of course, this puts it right at M's eye (and hand) level.

M, and E before her, love playing with the pieces of my breast pump. I have no idea why, they both loved unpacking all the pieces and carrying around the little bottles. M  knows how the unscrew the lids (as long as they aren't on too tight).
February 25- Me and my girls! If one is on a lap, the other won't be far behind! We had something of a milestone today, when I picked E up for daycare, one of her teachers (her favorite Miss Trisha) came up to me and said "you are never going to believe what happened." Apparently, during nap, E put a bead up her nose and couldn't get it out. Fortunately, Miss Trisha fixed it, and we didn't have to go the doctor. E was pretty embarrassed about it and promises not to do it again.

February 24- This is M, refusing to go to bed, she's got her sleep sack on and everything, and prefers to just wander around. M is not a particularly good sleeper, and is very hard to put down. We have been struggling with her bed time for a while now. One of the biggest issues is the fact that we can't let her cry without E freaking out. Once M starts crying, E starts calling for us, and if we won't go get her, E offers to.

February 23- Looks like we missed another day :(

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