Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 4- M has entered the stage where she loves to put things into other things. We got her this singing shopping bag for Christmas, and she is just getting in to it. The bag combines two of M's big loves, things that play music and bags. M loves turning the music on in things and dancing. As soon as the music starts, she just starts dancing.

In the background, E is serving "wine."

March 3- M's other big loves are phones/remote controls. She got a toy remote for Christmas which she likes, but she is happiest when she gets her hands on the real thing. She holds them next to her head like a phone, and looks at you until you pretend to talk to her on the phone. She expects you to use a high pitch sing-song voice.

I got the double stroller out to try and sell, and it became immediately irresistible!

March 2- I have a picture of E eating a banana that I just love, so I tried to capture the moment with M, not exactly what I was looking for!

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